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Do business smartly with the possibility of external financing

Why use your own resources to run your business when you can use external money?

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How can you finance the operation of your Business?

Self financing or external sources?
When starting a business, using your own funds is the best possible investment. But as you continue, your own funds can be put to better use than operating costs, inventory or marketing.

You may be thinking why pay interest unnecessarily, but you can simply hide it in the margin. Operational financing for entrepreneurs will give you the advantage to expand your business faster, be profitable sooner and recoup your initial investment!

Thanks to artificial intelligence and its own algorithm, Flowpay provides loans based on real transaction data. Just give us a peek at how your business is doing. We don't need your tax return because we have all the information we need based on the data from the platform you use.

Benefits of operational

You don't have to draw on your personal financial reserves when unexpected costs come up.

You can put the interests into expenses.

A faster way to grow your business!

What can you use Flowpay financing for?


New possibilities and opportunities in the market? Use our loans to finance your expansion. We can cover the operating costs of opening new branches of your restaurants.


Marketing campaigns will bring you more visits to your business and increase sales. Why pay for expensive campaigns out of your own pocket? Finance your marketing with our money!


You can easily use our external financing as a boost to your business. Need to restock your warehouse? You can easily pay for your inventory with an operating loan.

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How does it work?

It couldn't be easier. Get financing in minutes.


Through our app, you connect the partner platform you use (POS/Ecommerce platform).


In the calculator, you choose the loan amount and the repayment period. You will immediately know how much to pay, including a breakdown of the individual installments.


The final step is online verification of your identity and bank account. The system will then evaluate your application.


Done! We will email you a contract to sign. Once signed, the money goes straight to your account.


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