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Operational financing for e-shops

With our financing, Plackovna was able to stock the necessary production material in bulk. Thanks to our loan for entrepreneurs, he can now fulfill even the largest orders without delay.

Rodinný podnik dvou bratrů, který vznikl z chuti pomoci mamince s výrobou placek pro její vlastní projekt. je e-shop s kreativními plackami na míru.

We order most of the material from abroad in whole containers.

Material orders involve large one-time costs, which he helps us with Flowpay operational financing. Flowpay quick non-bank loan provided us with finance within a few days and online.

The more material we buy, the cheaper it will be in the end.

If the order does not arrive on time, we find the material in the Czech Republic, and that becomes more expensive. 

Michal Hons from the Plackovna gave us an interview

Read the entire story of Plackovna and the Hons brothers in the interview.


Thanks to operational financing and a loan for entrepreneurs from Flowpay, Plackovna did not have to use internal financing to purchase stock.

O financování

Clicking on the link will take you to the registration for our application, and one of our colleagues will help you with the financing.


You can also try our indicative calculator, where you can set up financing according to your needs.

Benefits of operational

The field of e-shop

Use of finance


Production of decorative
and original plates.

Inventory of material

Plenty of material
for production, easy fulfillment of larger orders. Higher turnover and easier growth.

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