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For Partners

Increase your platform revenue with financing for your customers

One simple button or banner in your administration will help your customers get smart and fast operational financing.

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Which platforms is Flowpay suitable for? Simply for any platform with transactional data.

Type of partners 

POS Systems


Payment Service Providers

vice o partner

All you have to do is choose the type of cooperation (revenue share model). We will take care of the rest.

Plug and play 

Plug and play 

The result is a new service for your customers and additional revenue for your platform.

You choose the type of collaboration that suits you best.

We connect to your API or create a path from your platform to the Flowpay app.

We can prepare campaigns, banners, landing pages or newsletters for your customers. All so that the result is the best for both parties.

take care of the whole process

API connection




There are 3 basic types of cooperation, which differ in the level/depth of connection.

Types of cooperation 



API Connected

White-Label Solution

Fully Integrated in Partner Product

Fixed Fee

Flowpay Financing vs. traditional Loan 

White-Label Solution

Fully Integrated in Partner Product

Seamless Customer Onboarding

Seamless Customer Onboarding


Flowpay Financing vs. traditional Loan 

Summary of how Flowpay financing differs from traditional loans/credits.


Fast and flexible scoring
and the application process

Banks and other Traditional Lending Solutions

Loan without lengthy and unnecessary paperwork

Relevant offers based on seasonal turnover and cost forecasts

Offers using complete business income and expense data (including cash payments)

Reasons to take advantage of Flowpay's financing offers as a new service for your customers.

Key Benefits 

For you as a Partner

An additional source of income

Extra income with minimum effort and without risk.

A new service for your customers 

A service that will create a competitive advantage in the market.

Predictions and data
market insights

A tool to monitor market developments and the value of your clients' portfolios.

Increased retention of users

With the new financial service, you will get a higher reach and return of your app users.

For your Customers

Everything can be arranged online

The customer can arrange the loan conveniently from anywhere from a computer, tablet or mobile phone.

The application takes just a few minutes

Applying for the loan is simple, intuitive and easy for any user.

No unnecessary paperwork

To complete the application, your clients need only 2 pieces of identification.

myFlowpay app

Financing overview, revenue forecasts, insights and comparisons with competition.

chci partnerstvi

Wwant to be Flowpay Partner

Please send us information about your platform and we will get back to you!

Děkujeme, vyčkejte prosím na email.

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