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The service Dropshipping.cz helps to sell easily on the Internet without the need to invest in a warehouse, invest in buying goods, deal with complexities of invoicing or accounting. It takes care of everything including logistics and delivery to the customer.

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Dotykačka on board!

We surely don't need to introduce Dotykačka. Together with several other softwares, it is one of the obvious choices among POS systems.

Fulfillment.cz is one of our partners!

Warehousing, shipping, logistics and purchasing of goods, Fulfillment.cz does it all for you. Fulfillment is a method used mainly by e-shops, so it belongs among our e-commerce partners.


Inventoro can now offer its customers the Flowpay credit solution

Inventoro is one of the warehouse systems among our partners. We have already completed several successful funding rounds for their users!