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Our Partner Platforms

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We surely don't need to introduce Dotykačka. Together with several other softwares, it is one of the obvious choices among POS systems.

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Storyous is an advanced, easy-to-use POS system that gives you a perfect overview of your operations, warehouses and staff. It will help you automate your processes and thus do
a lot of the work for you.



Woocommerce is a world-renowned ecommerce solution, with more than
2 million ecommerce stores running
on it. You can now use the data from your e-shop on woocommerce to apply for funding!



Magento is one of the other ecommerce platforms whose clients we can serve and use your transaction data to fund your operations.


Shopify is one of the most used
e-commerce solutions around the world. By connecting with Shopify,
you'll see predictions of your sales and be able to request for funding.


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Tanganica is a tool for e-tailers to easily manage advertising on social media,
in search or in product ads.



Google Analytics

Google Analytics is an analytics tool that allows e-shops and website owners to collect statistical data about their website users and e-commerce conversions.

Snímek obrazovky 2022-08-08 v 13.37.46.png helps you sell online easily, without having to invest
in a warehouse, invest in buying goods,
deal with the complexities of invoicing
or accounting. It takes care of everything including logistics and delivery
to the customer.

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Warehousing, shipping, logistics and purchasing of goods, does it all for you. Fulfillment
is a method mainly used by e-shops,
so it belongs to our e-commerce partners.


Inventoro is one of the warehouse systems among our partners. We have already backed up this leadership with several successful funding rounds
for their users!


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