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Add a revenue stream to your platform with
one-click smart financing

Add one simple button to your platform's UI and help your customers with smart, fast and bank-free financing.

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I can be added to almost any POS,
e-commerce and payment provider platform to create a brand new source of income for you. How? I use your customers’ data and then finance their business goals as they grow.
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Improve your

Add a brand new feature to your product. Easily connect your platform’s data to our smart engine and start providing financing for your customers immediately.

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Monetise your
customers’ data

Your customers produce enormous amounts of data that nobody is utilizing – but we have found a way to use them for one-click smart financing. No waiting, no middle man, no approval needed.

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Help your

Our smart solution really understands your customers’ needs and provides help with useful insights. Just when they need it.

How it works

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We use an API to connect to your system. Once we get in sync, we analyse and score your customers to understand which of them are eligible for financing.

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Those who qualify will see a new button on the platform. So now you are not only offering them financing services but also giving your customers a unique insight into how they can use the money in a smart, pro-business way.

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All smart-financing activities are presented to your customers in YOUR colours and YOUR design. We stay in the background, doing the maths and the work. You improve your customers’ loyalty and share a part of the Flowpay revenue.

I am always in the background, creating useful insights for your customers and giving them a helping hand when needed. They trust me with their data and I trust them with running their business.
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We bring trust back to financing

The old way

  • slow
  • ignorant
  • request and wait
  • exhausting
  • only for the chosen
  • lots of paperwork

Our way

  • real-time
  • personalised
  • one-click
  • secure
  • for those with potential
  • paperless

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and we’ll explain how it all works.

About us:

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My mission is to provide small and medium size enterprises with financing opportunities for their activities. Flowpay is a fintech company founded by the guys below.

I work with E-commerce Platforms, Payment Service Providers and Point of Sale Systems which use my machine learning algorithms to expand their portfolio of services. My goal is to increase the profits for my partners and provide their clients with the financing possibilities they need to grow their business.

photo of Daniel Hastik

Daniel Hastík


Daniel takes care of the product and technical development. As the Founder of Futurelytics (Predictive Analytical Platform) his expertise in data and ecommerce are invaluable.

He is active investor in Nextech Ventures and advisor in startup incubators, such as Google Launchpad, StartupYard or WeWork Labs.

photo of William Jalloul

William Jalloul


William takes care of the finances and company operations. As the Founder of InspiPay his knowledge of Payment Service Providers, E-commerce Platforms and Point of Sale Systems is vast.

He actively invests into different startups ranging from the Fintech space to Esports.
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