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Financování pro e-shopy na platformě Shopify

Many shops, cafes and restaurants use the Dotykačka POS system. Thanks to our association with Dotykačka, we can help these businesses with their operations. 

You can do everything online

It only takes a few minutes to apply

No unnecessary paperwork

The advantages of our financing


How much money can I borrow through Flowpay?

It depends on each business. The highest financing can be around a million crowns. However, if you have higher standards and goals in your business, we will be happy to offer you more.


Benefits of operational

You don't have to draw on your personal financial reserves when unexpected costs come up.

You can put the interests into expenses.

A faster way to grow your business!

That is entirely up to you, but the best investment is an investment in your business!

What can I do with Flowpay money?


You can easily use our external financing as a boost to your business. Need to restock your warehouse? You can easily pay for your inventory with an operating loan.


Marketing campaigns will bring you more visits to your business and increase sales. Why pay for expensive campaigns out of your own pocket? Finance your marketing with our money!


New possibilities and opportunities in the market? Use our loans to finance your expansion. We can cover the operating costs of opening new branches of your restaurants.

How does the financing application process work for users of Dotykačka?

Through our app, you connect the partner platform you use (POS/Ecommerce platform).


In the calculator, you choose the loan amount and the repayment period. You will immediately know how much to pay, including a breakdown of the individual installments.


The final step is online verification of your identity and bank account. The system will then evaluate your application.


Done! We will email you a contract to sign. Once signed, the money goes straight to your account.


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